Welcome to a new age of a fully interactive exhibition!


A great way to show your projects to the world. Set your virtual booth up and spread the word about your game.
All that for FREE!

Why care?

A digital convention for the new age.

We live in a changing world that keeps challenging what we know and what we are used to. Yet we know that when we work together we can overcome any challenge. ​


We've felt the impact and effects recent events have had on game developers, indies from all disciplines, press and pretty much everyone involved or interested in creative industries. ​


That's why we want to work with you and together bring to the world a digital convention that can not only fill in the void but even overcome the challenges of traditional conventions.



How can we do this?

We are presented with a unique opportunity! To make this accessible to talented creatives who wouldn't have the means to partake in such an event before. So first and foremost, this event is absolutely FREE both for exhibitors as well as attendees!

You are not alone. We will work with you to help you build your brand's  or product's virtual presence, virtual booth if you will, and it won't just look pretty. It will be interactive and informative, allowing all attendees to obtain valuable information on your work.

And that's only one aspect of the event. We will be working with streamers, YouTubers, industry members and press to coordinate a full schedule of online showcases, interviews, discussion panels, workshops and everything you could ask for from such an event, all at the comfort of your own home, and again, for FREE!

And if all that wasn't enough, you will be able to interact with our virtual environments in meaningful and fun ways, hunt for easter eggs and unlock giveaways and goodies!

But to achieve all these wonderful things, we will need your participation and availability will be limited and selective, so make sure you fill in an application ASAP!

Click this info button to find out which application is the right one for you:



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