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Release: March 26th, 2021
Event: March 26 – April 2nd

Convention Games:

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Pirate Soundtrack DLC (Free)
Metal Concert (Free see music tab here)

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IWOCon 2021 is a free indie game convention based on a stylized pirate theme. There is a collection of islands, each island hosting several booths. Conference attendees can select their avatar & travel around these islands, where they can explore different booths, watch trailers, get information on games and products, enter giveaways, & engage in extra activities, all while having a bit of light-hearted, pirate-themed fun!


IWOCon will also feature free speaker & streaming activities through Twitch & Steam locations.


  • Stylized pirate-themed digital conference, built in the powerful Unreal Engine 4

  • Visit virtual booths from the comfort of your home

  • Gain access to hundreds of indie games’ media, storefronts, social media and more

  • Visit booths to enter amazing giveaways

  • Attend in 3rd or 1st person with a stylized pirate avatar of choice

  • Enjoy fun side activities and mini-games including pirate ship sailing, cannon firing, a metal concert and more

  • Download an accompanying FREE Pirate Themed soundtrack DLC on Steam from various musicians

  • Attend live streams and presentations between March 26th and April 2nd

  • All available for FREE


Indie World Order is an international, online community of independent game developers, publishers, artists and content creators. It started off as an online movement, and evolved into an organized community. It incorporated in 2021, and its purpose is to continue to support all game developers, artists and content creators and overall help the creative community grow and pursue its aspirations. IWOCon 2021 is Indie World Order’s version of a digital conference, allowing independent publishers, developers, and other creatives to demonstrate their games & services, in a fun and original way. This first edition of the IWOCon is entirely free for both exhibitors and attendees, and all the parties involved in its development are contributing voluntarily. IWOCon 2021 will be freely distributed over Steam, and is being developed in Unreal Engine 4.



IWOCon Logo
IWOCon Logo


IWOCon Cutout
IWOCon Cutout




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