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A brief history of Indie World Order.

Art by Ancalabro representing Skull Commado Labs
Art by Ancalabro representing Skull Commado Labs

The main focus of Indie World Order is the people.

This indie movement started as a tagging thread on Twitter which, as a joke, ended with the hashtag #IndieDevWorldOrder (as per suggested by Ancalabro). It spread rapidly which caused this friendly and creative community of indies to be consolidated on November 3, 2019.

A few days later a Discord server was available and many people who followed us on Twitter joined the network. It was amazing to see indie creators from different cultures and countries coming together to learn, support each other, have fun, and build friendships through the Indie World Order spirit!

We stumbled on HourADayGamer who was promoting indies with care and decided his calm family friendly streaming was a perfect combination to be the official Indie World Order streamer.

The start of 2020 was a great success since Indie Game Lover, who is a prestigious indie promoter, joined the team behind IWO and attracted more people to the indie network. Her love and support for indies is really incredible! With more supporters and people with various skills and love and expertise for the indie network connected with us, we knew it was time to take this accidental thread into a real world experience. We began restructuring the “Eternal Blaze” to pull all the skills of the core team behind IWO forward in order to take Indie World Order to the next level.

Life is beautiful and a constant change.

Indie Dev World Order became Indie World Order, why? We are a network of indie creatives: voice talent, artists, programmers, game developers, writers, musicians, streamers, and more fill our crowd. By becoming Indie World Order we opened the ability for people to know we are here for the whole indie community.

Indie World Order is now a formal and structured organic entity aiming towards great goals worldwide. We can't tell exactly where the future will go but we know we will be working hard to take this as far as possible.

We have loved seeing all the amazing projects that people are working on through various medias (such as our new Linkup Fridays) and have loved helping as many indies as possible. We aim to continue the efforts and are excited for the future to see even more of what indies have in store.

Join us in this unique adventure. Long Live Indie World Order! ~~Skull Labs.

Baby Dino Adventures
Baby Dino Adventures

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Mar 18, 2020

I absolutely love this community! There is so much talent here, and there are so many hidden gems just waiting for their opportunity to shine! Together, we can bring indie gaming to the forefront of the gaming world and rival those AAA companies/games!


Thank you Skull! Your friendship and dedication to the indie people is amazing! It has been so awesome to witness the creation of this community and be part of it. Stay Brutal! :)

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