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CaveJam Winners

When the CaveJam idea first began, it was a storm of rock jokes and silliness that caused some great fun and memories in Discord. It spawned with it a very real jam-- our first Indie World Order game jam. The timing could not have been better with caves and lockdowns and we loved watching the progress of of various devs who dropped bits and bobs that they were working on through Twitter and Discord channels. There were a lot of amazing entries and we are thankful for all the CaveJam participants. The theme was caveman/rocks and participants had two weeks to work on entries. Many used only a fraction of that time though since we left it open so people could work it around busy schedules without feeling huge amounts of stress.


Let the rock-throwing begin! Click here for all the results.


First Place Caveman Boy From: Nobelmon / Voltz Supreme

Fight against the Ice Age in this short but challenging platformer! Throw rocks, cook food and brave the wilds!


Second/Third Place (Tie)

From: brtvcl Your pregnant wife is craving some food. Gather some to make her happy!


Second/Third Place (Tie)

Help an angry caveman break those damned eggs of dinosaurs!


You can still try the games yourself over on the CaveJam page. However, you can also check out some videos and plays from various Indie World Order content creators.

AniStal Bastion's favorite 5 entries.


Past streams:

Houradaygamer's full stream of entries can be found here.


Birdward's play can be found here.


Check out ReadySetIndie's clips of the games here.


Live upcoming: Indie Release will be doing their stream on Friday so you can catch another live play still at


Catch you at the next jam! And until then, check out IWOCon our digital convention currently taking applications. ♥

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