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#IWOCon Dev Talk: Songs for a Hero

Songs for a hero is an old-school platformer where filled with floating platforms, bright and colorful enemies, and many other inexplicable phenomena in an adventure unlike any other. The coolest part: it features a fully dynamic soundtrack that reacts to the players every input. You will enjoy the hero singing and cracking jokes relevant to your real-time exploits and failures.

Dumativa is a game studio created by musicians, writers, designers, and programmers that aims to create games with both great story and music. They work hard to blend retro videogame aesthetic alongside mechanic innovations that give players a new and fun experience.

Q: How hard is it for you to survive as an indie?

I believe being an indie in Brazil is not an easy task, we lack the investment to compete with other games from countries that have a better industry polices for this business. But we are managing to do it with the help with our community.


Q: Looking back, how has your project changed/evolved since the idea was first conceived?

Mostly we got it more balanced to fit our main musical mechanic. The core is still there, but we learned how to make Songs for a Hero more enjoyable. A singing musical mechanic is not that easy to balance in game.

Q: How do you deal with negative feedback about your game?

We actually like them. It helps us a lot to improve. If you are in this industry to get compliment you probably not gonna handle the pressure. Most of the time if the user takes the time to talk about your game, he probably cares. We converted a lot of bad reviews and people with negative feedback to allies. Most of them are helping us to improve our game.


Q: How did you design the gameplay mechanics of your game?

It was a team effort. We have an incredibly good team of musicians, artists, writer, and programmers. We partnered with a brazilian comedian/youtuber that created the premise of a singing game, but as a parody animation, we thought that idea was cool if it could actually work in a game. It was a team work to make it all work.

Q: What advice would you share with other prospective indie developers looking to start their journey?

Be resilient, do not be afraid of your community or negative feedback, be patience, trust in your idea, but learn about the market. Don't start from nothing, stand on the shoulders of giants. Learn from other games. And do not give up on your game if it does not sell at first. Our game released 5 years ago and the most of our game revenue came on the past two years.



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