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When Pedro Giglio was a kid and helped Guybrush Threepwood become a mighty pirate in The Secret of Monkey Island, he didn’t think he would also undergo The Three Trials in real life. Yet, unlike in the game, these weren’t based on insult sword-fighting, thievery, or “treasure-huntery”. First, he’s proven his mettle as a computer & video games-oriented journalist; unlike Dead Rising’s Frank West, he has only covered the console wars. On his next quest, he was the Content Coordinator & Editor for League of Legends in Brazil, making him a potential Shuriman citizen. After a life of writing about games (including some side missions in fiction for young teens that like mines and crafting), Pedro’s spent a year in Vancouver Film School’s Writing for Film, TV + Games Program. After graduating and earning the Golden Controller Award for his final pitch & script, Pedro writes stories for games and aims to show that video games can be fun for everyone -- even lapsed players, newcomers or skeptics. He’s been under the shadow of the colossi for so long, and now it’s time to climb on to their shoulders.


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